Welcome to Southam Financial Planning Ltd

We operate from high street premises in the market town of Southam in Warwickshire. Neil Goldie, who is the authorised adviser and owner of the practice has over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry, 23 of which as an Independent Financial Adviser.

‘We never lose sight that your best interests are aligned with ours’

We provide impartial advice across most areas of financial planning, including investing for growth or income, pre and post retirement planning, inheritance tax planning, investing and saving in tax efficient investments such as ISA’s and Pensions and saving for school and
university expenses. We also provide advice on the ‘what if insurances’ such as protecting your income in the event of accident or illness, life assurance and critical illness cover.
We advise individuals and small to medium size companies.

Our advice is impartial, personal & professional. We never lose sight that your best interests are aligned with ours! In an age of the internet and faceless organisations we have built a successful business through person to person relationships, what you see is what you get and mutual trust is built up over a number of years knowing everything we do is meant in our client’s
best interests. There are occasions when things do no go quite to plan but we are here to try and assist/support and guide you to a better outcome.

Our first meeting with a client is to establish their current situation and understand their
aspirations/goals for now and the future whilst introducing ourselves and services. Our second and subsequent meetings are where we discuss the most suitable strategy going forward and where applicable implement agreed solutions. The benefit of being an Independent Adviser is that we are able to choose solutions, services, products and providers from across the industry that best match your objectives.

We strongly recommend ongoing reviews to ensure the strategy remains on track and for our client to confirm any change in circumstances or goals.

Being Independent means we work for our client and are accountable to them

As financial products and investments get more sophisticated the need to have unbiased
appraisals and professional guidance becomes even more important. This is especially so when dealing with the new Pension Freedoms and Investments. We therefore take great care and
responsibility to identify the right assets and funds for our clients and agree regular reviews so that the portfolio remains in line with their attitude to risk

If you would like a financial review or advice on any financial matter please contact us by email, phone or pop into our office in the High Street.

Appointments can be held at our office or your home whichever is the most convenient.

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